Install SCCM requirements Part 5 IIS and WSUS Roles. In this part, we config “Internet Information Services” (IIS) and “Window Server Update Services” (WSUS). I use Server 2016, if you use other Windows Server (2012 or 2012 R2) you must install WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 2.

1. Let’s configure “IIS Role“, click “Next” button;

2. Set check marks, like on screenshots;

3. After all actions click “Next” button;

4. Let’s configure “WSUS Role“, click “Next” button;

5. Set check marks on “WSUS Services“, I use database on SCCM SQL Server, so I also set check mark “SQL Server Connectivity“. (If you want use local database for WSUS – don’t set check mark on SQL and set check mark on “WID Connectivity“). Click “Next” button;

6. Set check mark and enter path for storing updates (I use “D:\WSUS“). Click “Next” button;

7. Enter “<SQL Server name>\<Instance name>“, click “Check connection” button to check connection. If all good, click “Next” button;