Install SCCM requirements Part 7 Windows ADK

Install SCCM requirements Part 7 Windows ADK. In the last part on SCCM requirements we install “Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)” 1607 (last windows 10).

1. Download installation file from Windows ADK Site. You may install it from the WEB or download files to install on another computer. Let’s do both options.

2. If you choose online installation. Run downloaded file “adksetup.exe“. Select “Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit – Windows 10 to this computer“. Click “Next” button;

3. Select “Yes” or “No” (read text in window to make choice). Click “Next” button;

4. Read “License Agreement” and click “Accept” button;

5. Select components required for SCCM successful installation, like on screenshot. Click “Install” button to start installation.

6. If you choose offline installation. Select folder to download installation files and click “Next” button;

7. Copy downloaded files to target machine and run “adksetup.exe“;

8. Click “Next” button;

9. Next repeat steps “3-5“;

10. In both variant in the end of install click “Close” button. (Also you may explore Windows ADK documentation on MSDN if you need, by setting check mark);

P. S. Don’t forget to reboot after installation. It’s take very long time for install.

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