Install SQL Server 2016 for SCCM Part 1

Install SQL Server 2016 for SCCM Part 1. At last we ready for SQL installation. In this post, we begin install SQL Server 2016 Standard for our LAB. In future, it’s used for SCCM deploy.

1. Mount your “DVD” or “*.iso” with SQL installation files;

2. Run installation (Double Left Mouse Button click on drive). Go to “Installation“;

3. Select “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation“;

4. Enter your “Product key” and click “Next” button;

5. Read License agreement and set check mark “I accept the license terms“. Click “Next” button;

6. If you have Internet connection set check mark “Use Microsoft Update to check for updates (recommended)“. Click “Next” button;

7. In my case no Internet connection cause error (it’s normal). Click “Next” button;

8. After system check you may get “Warning” message (it’s also normal). Click “Next” button;

9. Set check mark on:

  • Database Engine Services;
  • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions…;
  • Reporting Services – Native.

After selecting click “Next” button;

10. As you see there is no “SQL Management Studio”, you may install it later by downloading from current site.

Go to Part 2 to complete install.

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