Install Windows 10

Install Windows 10. Now it’s time to install Operating System to early created “Virtual Machine” (VM) “21-109-10-sccm“. Installation Windows 10 to VM same as clear installation Windows 10 to physical computer, but there no need to configure boot device and update “BIOS Firmware“. Also in VM no need update “Device Drivers“. Go ahead.

1. Open “Hyper-V Manager“, connect to VM and click button “Start” to “Power-on VM“;

hvmwin1012. Press any key (as example “Space“) when message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” appear;

hvmwin1023. Configure your language settings. In my case I use “Ukrainian (Ukraine)” for “Time and currency format“, because I live in Ukraine and this is enterprise deployment. After making changes click “Next“;

hvmwin1034. Click “Install” (there is nothing to repair);

hvmwin1045. Read and set check mark “I accept the license terms“. Click “Next“;

hvmwin1056. Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” (there is no need for upgrade);

hvmwin1067. Select “Disk for installation“. In my case, there is only one disk. Click “Next“;

hvmwin1078. Installation starts;

hvmwin1089. It’s almost ready;

hvmwin10910. After several reboots we get “Configuration of personalization“. I choose “Use Express settings“;

hvmwin101011. Choose future domain type joining. I join to local AD, so I choose “Join a local Active Directory domain“. Make your choice and click “Next“;

hvmwin101112. Enter details for local user credentials. I can’t create user “Administrator” because it exists in system as “Default disabled account” (in “English” distributive). If I use “non-English” distributive, as example “Russian” or “Ukrainian” – then I able to create user “Administrator“. Click “Next“;

hvmwin101213. We’re happy you’re here! Wait few minutes;

hvmwin101314. Hooray, we did it! Windows 10 is installed, for now “Shut Down” VM;


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