International Women’s Day is tomorrow, and Microsoft wants girls to #MakeWhatsNext

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and Microsoft is celebrating the day with a new campaign to inspire women around the world to #MakeWhatsNext. Corporate vice president of Microsoft Philanthropies, Mary Snapp, wants #MakeWhatsNext attract more young women to the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The purpose of #MakeWhatsNext Snapp adds, is to pique their excitement in how they can change the world — if they stay engaged.

Snapp believes Microsoft and other companies need to invest time, energy and resources in a number of key areas to attract more young women to STEM. These 4 key areas include:

  1. Celebrate the many contributions women already make.
  2. Increase access to computer science education.
  3. The technology industry must “step it up,” recruit more women for technical roles, and close the gender gap.
  4. Support female inventors.

Microsoft and LinkedIn launched a new experimental tool to promote #MakeWhatsNext and show how young women can pursue their passions in STEM careers. Snapp notes that research continues to demonstrate that female role models are crucial for inspiring girls to stay in STEM.

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