Join Windows 10 to Active Directory Domain

Join Windows 10 to Active Directory Domain. In this post, we join Windows 10 1607 EDU VM to “Active Directory” (AD).

1. Start or Operating System and enter to system (user must have Local Admin Rights);

2. Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “System“;

winjoinad13. Click “Change settings“;

winjoinad24. Click “Change” button;

winjoinad35. Enter your “Computer name” and “Domain” (in “Member of“). When you join PC to domain you have 2 variants:

  • Change name, reboot, join to domain, reboot;
  • Change name, join to domain and reboot (I use this);

winjoinad46. After all changes click “OK” button;

winjoinad57. Enter credentials of user, that have rights to join computers to domain. I use early created in AD computer name and selected user for its joining. After entries click “OK button”;

winjoinad68. If all things right you will see message “Welcome to the <your domain name> domain“. Click “OK” button;

winjoinad79. Next system tell you about restarting. Click “OK” button;

winjoinad810. Click “Close” button;

11. You will get pop-up to “Restart Now” your system. Just Do IT!

winjoinad912. After system restart you can login-in with your domain credentials.

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