Latest Office for Mac Insider update brings Ideas pane and more

Latest Office for Mac Insider update brings Ideas pane and more with version 16.18.181008.

The full change log.

  • Animation triggers are here: Animation triggers aren’t just in Windows anymore. Find them on the Animations tab.
  • Now improved: VoiceOver Navigation: Using VoiceOver navigation in Excel? Move across sheets by pressing VO+U. You can enable the Trackpad Commander in your Mac OS to do this too.
  • Find mail fast in your current mailbox: Select the Search box for quick suggestions based on your recent search history. No typing required.
  • New proofreading tools: Don’t stress about your words! Editor provides grammar and writing suggestions, in addition to spelling.
  • Make your images accessible: Office suggests captions for your pictures to them accessible to people with impaired vision.
  • Discover more about your data: Office 365 apps are infused with artificial intelligence (AI) to help you do your best work. The Ideas pane uses AI to create smart, actionable suggestions that save you time and enhance your content.
  • More “auto” in autocomplete: When you type a formula, the helpful AutoComplete menu appears, showing you argument options to choose from.
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