Latest Office Insider build for iOS allows you to save your file as PDF. Microsoft released a new Office Insider build for iOS users with new features. You can now export a Word or Excel file to a PDF file. This build is a preview of the June monthly update.

Office apps for iOS Version 2.2 (2.2.17053002) comes with following improvements.

  • Select or draw?: In the app settings, choose whether your Apple Pencil selects or inks by default. (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Save your file as PDF: Easily create a PDF from your file by going to File > Export.  (Word, Excel)
  • Document Provider support: Use iOS Document Provider to view Visio files no matter where they’re stored. (Visio)
  • Open more files: You asked for it! You can now open files that contain binary template files. (Excel)