Latest Skype Insider builds brings new improvements

Latest Skype Insider builds brings new improvements.

What’s New:

  • Skype for Web Preview: Adding a badge icon to the Skype for Web Preview tab on web to indicate unreaded conversations.
  • Mobile platforms: We have now overhauled our call controls so you can perform the important actions in calls more easily.
  • Desktop platforms: Based on your feedback we’re moving the in-call chat panel to the right.
  • Ringless calling in 1 person groups was enabled.
  • You can send GIF directly from the expression picker now!

What was fixed:

  • We’re aware that some of you were experiencing the bug in your clients: messages were sent back to you in separated chat (“chat with yourself”). This shouldn’t be happening after yesterday’s fix and second fix is coming very soon so those chats will go away.

Known Issues:

  • Store app for Windows 10 PC: Issues with recording and sending video messages, we’re on it!

Build version numbers:

  • Store app version for iPhone, iPad, Android 6+, and Android tablets
  • Desktop app version for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Web version
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