Azure Advisor, Monitor, and resource health reach general availability

Azure Advisor, Monitor, and resource health reach general availability. Customers who are running virtual machines on Azure or using other Azure services can benefit from these new features. They can access a wide range of metrics for the VMs with Azure Monitor, create alerts and get deeper insights with Log Analytics and Azure Advisor will provide recommendations that can save them resources.

  • Azure Monitor is the built-in platform monitoring service that provides a single pipeline for monitoring and diagnostics data across all Azure resource types, enabling you to easily monitor, diagnose, alert, and notify of problems in your cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure Advisor provides personalized recommendations, and guides you through the best practices to optimize your Azure resources. By analyzing your resource configuration and usage, Azure Advisor provides guidance that helps you to improve the availability, security, performance, and cost effectiveness of your Azure resources.
  • Azure resource health helps you diagnose and get support when an Azure issue impacts your resources. It informs you about the current and past health status of your resources and helps you mitigate issues. Resource health provides technical support when you need help with Azure service issues.

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