Microsoft announces new Yammer apps for iPad, Windows and Mac. During the SharePoint Virtual Summit today, Microsoft unveiled several new capabilities for Yammer. Microsoft today introduced a new product called SharePoint communication sites. Microsoft now allows you to enrich the new SharePoint communication sites with a conversational layer by using the existing Yammer embed capability, triggering contextually relevant discussions and increasing the virality of your content. Microsoft is also adding the capability to share and play videos from Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream directly within Yammer conversations just like they already support for YouTube and Vimeo. 365 Connectors can be now used to bring relevant content and updates from third-party apps and services directly into your current Yammer conversations. Microsoft is also making it easier to manage groups in Yammer using dynamic group membership. Dynamic groups are Office 365 groups with membership defined as a rule, rather than as a static list of members, in Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft today also announced new Yammer apps for iPad, Windows (rumors – UWP) and Mac. They are re-launching the Yammer iPad app with a richer navigation and group experience, as well as universal search capabilities. Yammer apps for Mac and Windows will be released in the coming months. The new desktop apps will enable automatic sign-in and will have a similar look and feelĀ as the current browser experience.