Microsoft announces Power BI Desktop May Update. Users can now take advantage of a new slicer type that lets you filter your reports down to relative dates, such as last 3 months. Microsoft is also announcing report level measures for live connections to Analysis Services tabular models & Power BI service datasets.

Full list of new updates:

Report view

  • Relative date slicer (preview)
  • New table visual (preview)
  • Combo chart data label enhancements
  • More URL support in table & matrix
  • Mailto links in textbox


  • Report level measures for live connections to Analysis Services tabular models & Power BI service datasets
  • 2 new quick measures (preview): Total for category & Rolling average
  • Bin by count

Data connectivity

  • New connector: Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights
  • Combine files – ability to reference “First File” as example

Query editing

  • Two new transforms:
    • Extract text before/after/between delimiters
    • Unpivot only selected columns

Read more about these features in detail here.