UWP Community Toolkit 1.4 released by Microsoft

UWP Community Toolkit 1.4 released by Microsoft. Microsoft has included better accessibility support for all controls. With this update, all the controls can be used with keyboard, mouse and touch inputs. They also provide enough information for Narrator to make them compatible with screen readers.

New features are included in this release:

  • Carousel: A new control that presents items in a list, where the selected item is always in the center and other items are flowing ­around it. This reacts not only to the content but also to layout changes, so it can adapt to different form factors automatically. The carousel can be horizontal or vertical.
  • ViewExtensions: ApplicationViewExtensions, StatusBarExtensions & TitleBarExtensions provide a declarative way of setting AppView, StatusBar & TitleBar properties from XAML.
  • NetworkHelper: Provides functionality to monitor changes in network connection, and allows users to query for network information without additional lookups.
  • Saturation: Provides a behavior to selectively saturate a XAML element. We also introduced the CompositionBehaviorBase to ease creation of new composition-based behaviors (Blur now uses this).
  • Twitter streaming API support: Twitter Service was missing support for Twitter’s streaming service; we added support for live tweets and events.
  • Search box for Sample App: The new Sample App allows you to search for a sample directly from the main menu.

Learn more about this release here.

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