The public preview of Microsoft Graph reporting APIs announced by Microsoft. Microsoft’s new Graph reporting APIs enable customers to programmatically access the same Office 365 usage data available within the usage reports. Data that can be retrieved includes organization level summaries per service, as well as entity level (user, sites, accounts) detail usage information for different reporting periods of the last 7/30/90/180 days, and daily activity aggregates.

Deprecating APIs:

ConnectionbyClientType, ConnectionbyClientTypeDetail, CsActiveUser, CsAVConferenceTime, CsP2PAVTime, CsConference, CsP2PSession, GroupActivity, MailboxActivity, GroupActivity, MailboxUsage, MailboxUsageDetail, StaleMailbox and StaleMailboxDetail. We will remove these APIs on October 1, 2017.

Microsoft is also making it easier for admins to move their domain management to Microsoft. After adding a custom domain to Office 365, admins can now verify that they are the owner of the respective domain by simply adding one TXT record to their name server DNS. Microsoft will then set up the online services and manage DNS records on your behalf.

There are several other improvements in Office 365.