Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Microsoft announces view related content feature in Power BI


Microsoft announces view related content feature in Power BI. Power BI’s latest update is something that should add a good bit of convenience to the usual Power BI experience. The feature is called View Related Content, it lets you quickly and easily check out content that’s related to what you’re looking at.

Official Description:

The view related content pane is made possible by the recent advancements we’ve made in the new navigation model. To get started, make sure you’ve enabled the new navigation preview by going to Settings, then General, then Preview features.

For this example, start by navigating to a dashboard that you have edit access to. From there, select View related at the top right.

The Related content pane will appear. For this dashboard, it shows all the reports that have visuals pinned to the dashboard. It also shows all the datasets that those reports are built on.

Here, we see that our “Financial Analysis” dashboard has visuals pinned from two reports, and in turn those reports are built on two different datasets.

From this pane, you can take direct action on the related content. In the example above, we see that one of our datasets is encountering refresh issues. We can see the last refresh times at a glance, and trigger another on-demand refresh – all without ever leaving the page!

Better yet, the view related pane is also available on reports and datasets. For a report, the pane will show the dataset that the report is built with, and the list of all dashboards that have visuals pinned from the report. For a dataset, the pane will show all reports that were built using the dataset, and all dashboards that were built from those reports.

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