Microsoft cut OneDrive unlimited quotas down to size

Microsoft cut OneDrive unlimited quotas down to size. Microsoft announced that it would be cutting down free OneDrive Storage and limiting the max amount of Storage for Office 365 users.

While the firm didn’t cut down storage immediately due to the uproar, it announced that (among other concessions to users) it would start stripping the excess storage from affected users from March 1, 2017 allowing users time to clean out their OneDrive storage if they were in excess. At this time, the process has already begun. OneDrive users who have over 1TB of OneDrive Storage should begin to see their storage cut down to 1TB.

For the majority of users, 1TB of OneDrive Storage is still more than enough. In the case of cloud storage, its likely that Microsoft is now aiming for the lowest common denominators rather than extreme data hoarders.

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