Microsoft Flow now allows copy your flows. This feature will be useful when you want to create a flow like something you’ve already created.

  1. To create a copy of your flow, go to your My flows page.
  2. Click on the More (…) menu item next to the flow that you want to create a copy of and click Save As.
  3. Enter your desired name and click Save.

Microsoft also announced support for Toodledo and Zendesk. Toodledo is a powerful online productivity tool. Manage your to-do list by creating and updating tasks. Zendesk as powerful helpdesk service provides a customer service and support ticketing platform that gives businesses the ability to handle customer calls, emails, and other technical inquiries from a unified interface.

Microsoft also announced improvements to the Flow support page. They have now added the ability to Search for support. It will allow users to find support content across the Documentation, Community or Blog.