Microsoft Flow now allows copy your flows, adds support for Toodledo and Zendesk. This feature will be useful when you want to create a flow like something you’ve already created.

  1. To create a copy of your flow, go to your My flows page.
  2. Click on the More (…) menu item next to the flow that you want to create a copy of and click Save As.
  3. Enter your desired name and click Save.
  • Toodledo is a powerful online productivity tool. Manage your to-do list by creating and updating tasks.
  • Zendesk as powerful helpdesk service provides a customer service and support ticketing platform that gives businesses the ability to handle customer calls, emails, and other technical inquiries from a unified interface.

Microsoft also announced improvements to the Flow support page. It will allow users to find support content across the Documentation, Community or Blog.