Microsoft is rolling out a new profile experience in Office 365

Microsoft is rolling out a new profile experience in Office 365. Microsoft is making some minor changes to the profile experience in Office 365 which will initially show up in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Microsoft is adding a new profile card for profiles in Office 365. Everywhere you see a person’s name, hovering over it will show you a card with all the relevant information.  The card will give you the person’s contact details, recent documents, and more.


Employees looking for specific information had to manually connect the dots between people and units of knowledge. The new Office 365 profile card can identify information relevant to you based on the person you’re looking up.


The new Organization view shows a complete picture of the highlighted user’s position in the company, including their direct reports and co-workers. Office 365 will also surface other people relevant to the person you are looking up based on their working habits and communication.


Hovering over a name provides a quick look at most important attributes, such as contact details, recent documents and manager. More details are only a click away with the extended flex pane that displays additional information without navigating from the page.

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