Microsoft is testing a new Bing design, Hello Google

Microsoft is testing a new Bing design, Hello Google.

Much like many of the older tests, this only shows up for me in a single browser on a single PC. In this case it’s Microsoft Edge on my main PC, although some of the other writers on our team see a few different variants of the design with only a couple of its changes. For example, one person sees the new search bar and logo shading but not the header background.

The new design – pictured above – is a redesigned header section that is seen when searching for things on Bing. The new design I see is particularly Google-y – the search bar gains a soft shadow, the header gains a grey background that divides it from search results even more, and the magnifying glass ditches its colored background, simply turning green instead.

The results are both trivial and inconsequential at the end of the day, but it will be a shame to see Microsoft make Bing feel more like its competitors instead of itself if they end up going with this design. Microsoft has some excellent designers on their side, and they should take pride in their own style instead of tweaking it to look more like someone else’s.

By Andrew Bennett.

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