Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10 gets a huge update for Windows Insider in Skeap Ahead

Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10 gets a huge update for Windows Insider in Skeap Ahead. The headline feature allows you to convert all the handwriting notes into text with a single click, and you can also select what exactly you want to convert to text.

The full list:

  • Convert handwriting to text: Take quick handwritten notes, and later convert them to text to align with the rest of your content. It’ll even preserve the size and color of your ink, as well as highlights and effects! On the Draw tab, click the Lasso Select button. Drag a circle around the text you want to convert, then click Ink to Text.
  • More dazzling ink effects: Grab a pen on the Drawing tab and try out lava, ocean, bronze, and rose gold. Make your notes sparkle!
  • More graph features: In addition to graphing your function, OneNote can now calculate its key features — such as minima, maxima, or axes intercepts.
  • Revisit recent pages: Use the new Forward and Back arrows above the Home tab to navigate through the note pages you’ve already visited.
  • Link to a specific paragraph: Create a link to a specific paragraph and jump to that content. It’s a great way to make a quick table of contents at the top of a long page of notes, or copy the link and paste it in an email to help others find the specific content you want them to see.
  • Copy a hyperlink: Right-click a hyperlink in your notes and copy the link to use in other places.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
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