Microsoft Planner goes mobile, starting off with the iPhone

Microsoft Planner goes mobile, starting off with the iPhone. Microsoft released the new Microsoft Planner app for the iPhone. Microsoft is expected to introduce Microsoft Planner apps for Android and Windows 10 devices as well, but it isn’t clear when those apps will arrive.

As for Microsoft Planner on the iPhone, you’re getting a feature-packed experience. All of your boards show up nicely as columns on the main page, where you can horizontally scroll and take a look at all of the tasks on the different boards. You can also categorize tasks, move them around between columns, update the status of a task, or change the assignments for tasks.

Microsoft has also implemented a feature called My Tasks where you can get a list of all of the tasks that are assigned to you, and you’ll be easily be able to change the status of those tasks from the My Tasks view.

Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Planner
Price: Free
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