Microsoft Project “Honolulu” technical preview, how-to download and install

Microsoft Project “Honolulu” technical preview, how-to download and install.

From Microsoft:

Project “Honolulu” is the next step in our journey to deliver on our vision for Windows Server graphical management experiences.

Our vision starts with modernizing both the platform and the tools. For us, modernizing the platform means giving users greater flexibility in how and where they deploy and access the tools. Modernizing the platform also enables partners, both internal and external, to leverage and easily build on top of a growing ecosystem of tools and capabilities. For platform adoption and growth, it means supporting a reasonable set of existing Windows Server versions, not just the latest, and licensed as part of Windows Server with no extra cost. Modernizing the graphical management platform reduces the friction of creating modernized admin tools.

Our vision continues with simplifying the experience where appropriate. Deployment is quick and easy, with no Internet dependency. Tools are familiar, and cover the core set of administrative tasks for troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance. Some Windows Server capabilities, which were previously manageable only via PowerShell, now also have an easy-to-use graphical experience.

Our vision also includes integrating the management experiences in compelling ways. Each tool is available not just together in one place, but can be filtered to show contextual data inside of another tool. One tool can link to another with context, and these links are just URLs which can be launched from external sources. The architecture also allows for cloud integration in the future.

Finally, our vision is to deliver a secure platform, helping solutions be secure by default, and optimizes support for security solutions. A future blog post in this series will describe in more detail what we’re doing with security and assurance.

Installation requirements

You can install Honolulu on the following Windows operating systems:

VersionGateway ServiceManaged Node
Windows 10Yes (local user only)No
Windows ServerYesYes
Windows Server 2016YesYes
Windows Server 2012 R2NoYes
Windows Server 2012NoYes

Honolulu will use port 6515 by default, but you have the option to specify a different port. You are also given the choice to create a desktop shortcut and let Project Honolulu mange your TrustedHosts.

Install on Windows Server and Windows Server 2016 – Server Core

Warning: If you are using PowerShell, and the autocomplete adds ‘.’ to the name of the msi, it may cause the installer to fail.

Generate a self-signed SSL certificate

 msiexec /i ServerManagementGateway.msi /qn /l *v log.txt SME_PORT=<port> SSL_CERTIFICATE_OPTION=generate

— OR —

Specify a previously installed SSL certificate

 msiexec /i ServerManagementGateway.msi /qn /l *v log.txt SME_PORT=<port> SME_THUMBPRINT=<thumbprint> SSL_CERTIFICATE_OPTION=installed

Installation process

1. Download installation file and run it

2. Read and accept License Agreement, click Next;

3. Choose options you need, click Next;

4. Set port, as you need, click Install;

5. When installation complete, click Finish;

NOTE: Service not work in Internet Explorer, use EDGE or Google Chrome

6. Run from link on your desktop. The error about certificate is normal, because I use self-signed.

7. Enter your local admin account or another account with admin rights

8. And, you are welcome.

9. You can add more servers, based on your infrastructure (use LAPS or not) enter credentials

NOTE: You can run this service from another machine, but on new machine you must again enter credentials for each server if you not use LAPS, better start using.

P. S. My opinion, it’s awesome, very cool!

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