Microsoft promotes Windows Defender Antivirus

Microsoft promotes Windows Defender Antivirus. Microsoft published a new white paper, Evolution of malware prevention, that explains how Windows Defender uses next generation technologies to analyze malicious signals. “At Microsoft, we have the luxury of having the efficiency and precision of traditional antivirus and automated, intelligence-based capabilities that use behavioral analysis, heuristics, and machine learning to scale out our human experts,” explained the company in a blog post.

According to the company, 97% of malware is discovered locally by consumers, and the remaining 3% can be detected by Microsoft’s machine learning-based cloud protection in a way that doesn’t impact performance.

The company added:

“We let our cloud protection system do the heavy lifting. Our cloud protection system is also connected to the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph (ISG), which is informed by trillions of signals from billions of sources consisting of inputs we receive across our endpoints, consumer services, commercial services and on-premises technologies. All that uniquely positions us to personalize our protection and identify anomalies which often represent new threats.”

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