Microsoft release new version of Channel 9 App

Microsoft release new version of Channel 9 App in new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app format and several new changes to the app’s design and features.

“As we continue to serve our mission to be a premier destination to learn and have transparent conversations that build insight and trust in technical communities, we are committed to improving the experience and reach users on every platform,” the official announcement reads. “Today, we are announcing a new Channel 9 UWP App, which provides improved search experience for non-English users who accept Language-Enabled, and features such as pin your favorite shows and keep up to date with Live Tiles, cast and watch videos on other devices on the network, and share the videos using Windows 8 Charm.”

Channel 9 is an official Microsoft video hosting designed to assist developers in creating content. The app is free to use and all of the media is available to watch by anyone.

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