Microsoft rolling out Skype 8 to more users with several improvements

Microsoft rolling out Skype 8 to more users with several improvements.

  • Focus assist, which announces when you receive an incoming call for keyboard only and screen reader users.
  • Screen reader announcements from users in the active call list.
  • Navigational focus announcements within the contact list and settings to improve flow.
  • Announcing the name, content, and actions of a pop up dialog.
  • New message announcements when users are in another chat.
  • Smoother navigation that takes a more natural left-to-right and top-to-bottom path.
  • Displaying additional information when sending and receiving messages. For example, Skype now announces when messages are sent and when messages you attempt to send have failed.

Other improvements:

  • Show Skype version on sign-in screen
  • Setting for a secondary ringing device
  • Advanced webcam settings
  • Separate Skype volume control on Mac
  • Setting for incoming call notifications for Do Not Disturb mode
  • Mute and remove participants in a group call
  • Find within current conversation
  • Setting to change text size on desktop
  • Global conversation search shows more than 20 results
  • Setting to customize “Enter” or “Return” to send message or add a line
  • Save-as for audio files like mp3
  • Hide conversations from chat list
  • Setting to disable link previews
  • Setting to open links in external browser (mobile)
  • Drag and drop file sharing
  • Setting for allowing Skype to Skype calls only from contacts
  • Improved availability status on desktop (idle state detection logic)
  • And: Add phone number as a contact (and edit)
  • Global people search shows more than 20 results
  • Split window view (UWP RN)
  • Fixed copy-paste to dialpad (UWP RN)
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