Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education updates with more OneNote integration and more.

New update changelog:

  • Create an assignment with a OneNote;
  • Efficient grading support for OneNote pages;
  • Class Notebook Addin integration with Teams;
  • Support for permissions in the Collaboration Space;
    • Collaboration around assignment: Teachers and students can now easily facilitate contextual and relevant collaboration around the specific assignment in a class.
    • Assignments search: Teachers and students can now easily search for assignments with specific key words from the assignment title, helping them save time. Below, you’ll see an example where a student uses “essay” as a keyword that shows up in the search bar for easy navigation.Assignment notifications;
  • Student new file submission;
  • Assignment full screen view;
  • Multiple class distribution;
  • Assignments on iOS and Android;
  • Assignment List view;

Read more about this features here;