Microsoft Teams now gives admins greater control over apps

Microsoft Teams now gives admins greater control over apps. Microsoft refers to bots, tabs, and connectors as apps in Teams, which means admins can now effectively control what tabs, bots, or connectors their users can use. These apps can be something that comes with a bot, a tab, and a connector or a combination of these three components.

From the Office 365 admin portal, IT Pros can now choose to completely disable use of external apps in Microsoft Teams. They can also choose to turn it on and only allow specific apps to be used by users in Teams. The update also lets admins disable side loading of external apps, which should help keep teams and user data a lot more secure as no one will be able to load an unverified app without the admin’s permission.

Microsoft Teams also now includes an option that lets admins to automatically enable all external apps that get submitted to the Microsoft Teams app catalog. The latest controls are rolling out at the moment, and it will be available to all Microsoft Team users.

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