Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module now General Available

Microsoft teams PowerShell Module now General Available. The following cmdlets are supported in our generally available module:

Cmdlet Description
Connect-MicrosoftTeams Connects an authenticated account to use for Microsoft Teams environment
Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams Disconnects from the Microsoft Teams environment
Get-Team Retrieves teams with particular properties or information
Get-TeamChannel Gets all the channels for a team
Get-TeamHelp Provides a list of commands for Microsoft Teams
Get-TeamUser Returns the users of a specific team
New-Team Provisions a new Team, or converts a group to a team
New-TeamChannel Adds a new channel to a team
Add-TeamUser Adds an owner or member to the team
Remove-Team Deletes a team
Remove-TeamChannel Delete a channel
Remove-TeamUser Removes an owner or member from a team
Set-Team Updates properties of a team
Set-TeamChannel Update Team channel information


Simplified Experience
To improve the discoverability of certain team settings, we consolidated the functionality of the following cmdlets into the Get-Team and Set-Team cmdlets:

– Get-TeamFunSettings
– Get-TeamGuestSettings
– Get-TeamMemberSettings
– Get-TeamMessagingSettings
– Set-TeamFunSettings
– Set-TeamGuestSettings
– Set-TeamMemberSettings
– Set-TeamMessagingSettings

Note: These beta cmdlets will not be available in future module releases

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