Microsoft To-Do app gets update 1.42 for both iOS and Android.

Microsoft To-Do on Android Version 1.42.94:

  • [FIX] Crash when widget’s list is deleted
  • [FIX] Disabled smart lists will not appear in folder picker
  • [FIX] Planned Sorting & Bucket behaviour alignment
  • [FIX] Sign In button in widget opens the Sign In activity
  • [FIX] Today due date in metadata should be blue for completed tasks
  • [FIX] Add widget in Android 4.4

Microsoft To-Do on iOS Version 1.42:

  • Improved: You now have the option to hide or show your completed tasks within the Important smart list.
  • Fixed: With this update, we’ve smoothed out some kinks for a better sign in experience.
  • Fixed: We’ve also made some small adjustments for a pixel perfect UI.