Microsoft To-Do get Flagged emails

Microsoft To-Do get Flagged emails.   Flagged emails come to Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is always here to help you plan your day, but sometimes an inbox full of urgent emails can get in the way of careful planning. Don’t worry, with our latest update, you won’t have to juggle your emails and your task list—you can now add your flagged emails to To-Do (for work and school accounts), giving you one unified view of what you need to accomplish today.   

Set up your day

Like to triage your email when you first arrive at the office? Now, as you get to the emails that need a reply or need to be worked on you can flag them and carry on, knowing that they’ll be waiting for you when you open To-Do. If it’s an email you need to deal with urgently then you can flag it with a high priority, and when you open To-Do you’ll see that it’s been starred as important.

Once you have worked through all your emails you can open To-Do and start planning your day—you’ll find all your flagged emails in the Flagged Email list. Want to work on it today? Right-click on the task and add it to “My Day”—giving you a more coherent view of what your day will look like and what you can accomplish. And if you don’t have the bandwidth for it today, then add a due date or a reminder to deal with it later.

Get to work on your email 

It’s time to get to work ticking off that list. Click on the flagged email task and you’ll find a preview of the email and a button to take you to the Outlook website, or your mobile app, where you can see the full email and reply to it. Not ready to reply to it just yet? Jot down some ideas in the notes section or break down your task into Steps.  

If you are halfway through writing an email and get pulled away to a meeting, flag the draft email and it will also show up in To-Do, reminding you that it still needs to get ticked off when you get back to your desk.  

Get started 

Let’s get you started, to enable flagged email you need to sign in to To-Do on web or Windows with the same work or school account that you use for email. An alert will pop up asking if you want to show the Flagged Email list. And, just like that, your flagged email will start pulling through to To-Do.  

Now, we don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of out-of-date email, so we will only import up to 10 flagged email from the last two weeks. Want to see more than that? You can re-flag any that you want to see in To-Do and they will also turn up in the Flagged Email smart list. 

You can’t enable flagged emails on Android or iOS now but, once it is enabled on Windows or web, you will be able to see the Flagged Email list—meaning you can take your list on the go. 

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