New Planner Hub and more in Microsoft Planner web app update

New Planner Hub and more in Microsoft Planner web app update. The Planner web app seems to be more reliable (it refreshes faster), and it has just been updated with a new UI that should improve performance for plans with a high number of tasks.

The new plan creation window now has a new option to let you choose who can view new plans: you can either make them available to all your organization, or restrict them to a few members you’ll add manually.

The card view has also been updated to make attachments more visible. When you add a link to a card, the link name will now show up on the card if you check the Show on card toggle.

Previously, with links, Planner would show the full url on the card by default. Now it shows the text to display, making visible links on cards more readable. Attachments used to be only links, but now include Files, Links and SharePoint.

From the Plans card view, you will also see that it’s now easier to know if a plan is public or private, and you can also click on any card to add a new label or delete it.

The Planner hub has been slightly redesigned with new plan boards, which help you better track how many tasks are in progress, completed, etc.

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