Intune MAM now support Microsoft Visio Viewer App for iOS

Intune MAM now support Microsoft Visio Viewer App for iOS. If your users are creating or viewing diagrams in their work, they’re most likely using Microsoft Visio, and if that’s the case then this news is for you—the latest update to the Visio Viewer app now includes support for Intune MAM. Enable your users to access and interact with Visio files on iOS devices with the peace of mind that your data is protected by Intune.

This update supports the full set of Intune MAM capabilities, including app-level data protection policies that can be applied with or without MDM device enrollment. These app protection policies allow you to set policies that enable app encryption, app access control, app- level selective wipe and the ability to restrict actions such as copy/paste/save as.

Microsoft Visio Viewer
Microsoft Visio Viewer
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