Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 reach general avaialbility

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 reach general avaialbility. Some of the new features included in this release are IntelliCode for AI-assisted IntelliSense, expanded refactoring capabilities, smarter debugging and more.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2019:


  • Collaborate with others using Visual Studio Live Share, which is installed by default. Additional language support for C++, VB.NET, and Razor gives guests a solution view and sharing of source control diffs.
  • Open code you recently worked on or start from one of the most commonly used flows like clone, open, or new project through the new start window.
  • Create new projects with an improved search experience and filters using the new list of templates sorted by popularity.
  • Have more vertical room for your code and a modernized look and feel through a set of new visual changes in the shell.
  • View a sharper version of your IDE regardless of your display configuration and/or scaling, as we have improved support for per monitor awareness.
  • Use an improved search capability in Visual Studio for menus, commands, options, and installable components.
  • Quickly understand your code file’s ‘health’ with a document indicator. Run and configure through a one-click code cleanup from the indicator.
  • Easily manage the preview features you are opted in to with a new Preview Features page in the Options dialog.
  • MSBuild and Visual Studio now target .NET Framework 4.7.2 by default.


  • Take control of how solutions load by using Visual Studio’s new performance improvements that affect stepping speed, branch switching speed, and more.
  • See solution load progress in the Task Status Center.
  • Choose which projects to load on solution open with solution filter files.
  • Improve your typing performance by limiting the impact of auxiliary components.
  • Toggle the new option to disable restoring of your project hierarchy state and tool window state.

General Debugging

  • Search keywords within the Watch, Autos, and Locals windows while debugging to improve your ability to find objects or values.
  • View a dropdown of format specifiers in the Watch, Autos, and Locals windows when inspecting data.
  • Use a custom visualizer, now compatible with .NET Core.
  • Debug very large applications with large numbers of modules and PDBs.

Source Control and Team Explorer

  • Temporarily store changes so you can work on another task by using Team explorer’s Git tools support for Git stash.
  • Check out the optional extension available on the Visual Studio Market Place, Pull Requests for Visual Studio, that integrates Pull Request reviews into Visual Studio.
  • Use the new Azure DevOps work item experience that focuses on developer workflows, including user-specific work item views, creating a branch from a work item, searching for work items with #mentions, and inline editing.

Programming Languages

  • Save time when writing C++ and XAML code by using Visual Studio IntelliCode, an optional extension that gives AI-assisted recommendations for your code.
  • Learn about the F# language and tools open source contributions that have been incorporated. These changes have stabilized the existing F# feature set.
  • Easily add Python virtual and conda environments using the Python Add Environment dialog.

Web Technologies

  • Take advantage of the added support for working with .NET Core 3.0 projects.
  • Check out CPU profiling of ASP.NET.
  • Use snapshot debugger for .NET web apps running on Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Mobile Development with Xamarin

  • Experience improvements to Xamarin.Android initial and incremental build performance.
  • Take advantage of enhanced productivity in the Xamarin Android Designer.
  • Check out the new property panel for Xamarin.Forms controls.
  • Improve performance through the shortened the workload size for Xamarin and improved the Android emulator.
  • Use Intellicode with Xamarin.Forms XAML.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

  • Use the IntelliCode extension with XAML with the help of our added support.

You can download Visual Studio 2019 from Microsoft here.

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