Microsoft Word’s Researcher comes to the Mac

Microsoft Word’s Researcher comes to the Mac. Microsoft is bringing Word’s Researcher feature for Office Insiders in the Fast Ring, and it’ll be rolled out to all users once it’s ready. With Researcher, Office Insiders can easily research and find images related to their currently opened Word document right from Word itself.

For instance, if you are writing a blog post about a new Surface device, you can find a lot of info about the device right from Word’s Research feature. Simply tap on the References tab and click on Researcher to open up the Researcher sidebar. From there, you can search for a certain topic and find info, related websites, and images for that topic. You can also easily add images from the search, and Word will automatically update your bibliography to credit the image’s source if you want.

Microsoft Word’s Research feature is already available on Windows. If you are an Office Insider in the Fast Ring and own a Mac, make sure to try out Researcher on the latest update for Word.

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