Microsoft’s Office apps get auto-save feature in Office Insider

Microsoft’s Office apps get auto-save feature in Office Insider. The update essentially introduces a more powerful auto-saving feature on the core Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). With the new AutoSave feature, you can now automatically save files that are stored online.

For instance, if you are editing a document on Word from your OneDrive account, you can now set up Word to automatically save the file as you edit it. Microsoft has added a neat little toggle on the titlebar for Word where you can easily enable or disable the AutoSave feature for online files. The feature isn’t only available for OneDrive users — if you use SharePoint Online or even OneDrive for Business, you will be able to use the AutoSave feature, too.

The new AutoSave feature is currently rolling out to Office Insiders in the Fast Ring, and Microsoft will be rolling it out to the public at a later date. If you want to get your hands-on the new AutoSave right now, you can become an Office Insider here.

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