Microsoft Outlook Premium expands to new regions

Microsoft Outlook Premium expands to new regions. Outlook Premium now available in more regions including the United Kingdom of Great Britan, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.

While Microsoft’s current outlook web interface offers ads in the sidebar, with Outlook Premium you’ll be able to ditch those ads and view your emails distraction free.

It also offers up to 5 personalized email addresses with the cost of the domain bundled in with the subscription – free for the first year and paid afterward.

The full list of features:

  • 5 personalized emails – If you want a new personalized email address ending like, get it free for the first year. If you already own a domain, use it with Premium at no extra charge. Either way, you can create personalized addresses for up to 5 people and sync everything to your existing mailbox.
  • Staying connected has never been so easy – Share calendars, contacts, and documents with ease. Sharing relationships are set up automatically between the people who have email addresses on your domain.
  • An ad-free inbox – Premium has no banner ads, so you can enjoy a distraction-free view of your email, photos, and documents
  • Powered by the new – Gain access to a new, modern inbox that includes enhanced security, privacy, and reliability features. gives you new ways to collaborate, manage your time, and get things done.

If you’re interested in signing up for the service, it’ll set you back $19.95/£!4.99 or the regional equivalent if you sign up now before the 31st of March, or $49.95/£37.49 or regional equivalent if you sign up after.

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