You can share your Button Flows with others

You can share your Button Flows with others. New feature allow users to share their Flow Buttons. You can easily share those buttons which serve your daily work processes. Share buttons with your peers or distribute them to the wider org such that these users can run them as well, thus helping them become more efficient, as well as enforcing the same processes across the organization.

Example scenarios:

  • If you are a sales representative / account manager – Imagine meeting a customer and then being able to log your meeting notes into CRM at a push of a button. Share this button with the entire sales team to make them all benefit from it!
  • If you are a software developer who has a button for triggering your product build, share this button with your engineering team so they can also leverage it!
  • If you are a project manager who has a button to create a card in Trello, share this button with your team to increase team efficiency!
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