According to Mojang’s Marsh Davies, there is another surprise coming to gamers on the console tomorrow.

In a post he said:

We’ve got a pretty swish update soaring onto consoles tomorrow, bringing with it a free, all new Mini Game. It’s called Glide and it’s designed to test your aeronautical skills to the very limit. Strap on a pair of elytra and hone your swooping skills on an exhilarating aerial track—the first in a series of free tracks to be released.

The update could be a game in itself. Glide features a time attack mode where you have to use thermal drafts and speed boosters in order to fly through hoops. There is also a lot of strategy involved. For example, if you study the course, you might find shortcuts you can use to your advantage! This update also boosts the Xbox One player limit to 16 in both Glide and Battle.