Minecraft Windows 10 Edition coming to Xbox 4K Project Scorpio

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition coming to Xbox 4K Project Scorpio. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is joining the ranks of Xbox Play Anywhere titles. With a single purchase of the game, players would be able to play on both PC and Xbox One, join Minecraft Realms set up previously for Windows 10 Edition and have feature rollouts according to the UWP instead of the console editions. Minecraft will be one of the Project Scorpio’s launch titles later this year.

It isn’t quite clear yet whether the Xbox One edition will be converted into the Windows 10 UWP version feature wise, or if a separate game will be distributed. However, the article states that it will be called Minecraft: Xbox One Edition still.

With Project Scorpio’s hype for being VR ready, this might be the push Microsoft needs to encourage household Minecraft in virtual reality. The ‘premium gaming console’ built by Microsoft is planned for launch later this year and no other first party titles have been officially announced at this time. It has been predicted that we’ll see more about Minecraft on Project Scorpio during the annual E3 on June 11.

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