Monitor Kubernetes Containers with OMS Insight & Analytics Container Monitoring solution. Microsoft extended the support to Kubernetes, like they did with Mesosphere DC/OS late last year. Now, you have a unified Container Monitoring solution for containers on Azure Container Service, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Kubernetes.

You can upload our yaml file on the Kubernetes environment and run the OMS Agent for Linux as a daemon-set. For the yaml file, please visit  OMS Agent for Linux yaml file.

Or you can also run via kubectl cli.

#sudo kubectl create -f omsagent.yaml

#sudo kubectl get ds

omsagent   3         3         <none>          33m

In addition to collecting the container performance, capacity, logs, and events, OMS Agent for Linux can now collect host syslogs.

If you are interested in more details, please visit monitoring an Azure Container Service cluster with Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

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