My People is working in Windows 10 build 16170

My People is working in Windows 10 build 16170. Once My People is accessed though, users are able to try the current range of features, some of which are maddening according to a post by Rafael Rivera over at Thurrott.

The app is accessible a Desk Band through the Taskbar, the report says. It opens in a similar style to Windows 10 Mobile, the area showing a list of suggested people to pin to the taskbar lets you add contacts from your People, Skype Preview, and Mail apps.

Clicking on the contact pins the person to the taskbar (or desk band) and opens their details from the People app by default. However, it contains a “Switch app” button on the top left that lets you choose which app to view and interact with the person such as calling them with skype or sending a message via the Mail tile.

Each app seems to be available almost in full when it comes to interacting with MyPeople. The back button reacts as though it was solely the current People focused app that you are viewing as well as the More Options, letting you pin/unpin the person, edit the contact, and even launching the full app if MyPeople isn’t enough for you.

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