New Injustice 2 and Prey trailers unveiled

New Injustice 2 and Prey trailers unveiled. Injustice 2 and Prey are coming out in a few months and new details about both games appear online each day.

Injustice 2

Today Warner Bros. and DC unveiled a new Injustice 2 trailer which showcases Supergirl and her place in the war between Batman’s resistance and Superman’s regime. It’s hard choosing between family and what one feels is the right course of action. It’s interesting how despite being a fighting game, Injustice 2 is going into so much detail about motivations and conflicts.

Injustice 2 follows the events after what transpired in the first game. Batman and Superman are at war with each other again and this time the stakes are even higher. From early previews, it looks like the entire campaign takes place in the alternative universe.

Injustice 2 is set to release worldwide on Tuesday, May 16 on Xbox One.


In Prey, you’re mankind’s last–and only–hope. But who exactly are you? What powers, abilities and weapons can you wield? What other choices will you make? And who else is aboard the Talos I space station? To answer these questions, Bethesda released a new developer diary titled Only Yu Can Save the World.

Using incredible weapons and powers, step into the TranStar uniform of Morgan Yu and fight through an alien-infested facility to save humanity. While you’re safeguarding the world from the Typhon threat aboard Talos I, you’re also in search of your own identity. While Morgan begins as an enigma, you’ll define who she is through your choices and actions. Do you rescue the survivors aboard Talos I? Will you choose to install more alien-based powers–and thus alter your own humanity? And, at the most basic level, how will you survive with the deadly Typhon aliens actively hunting you? Every decision you make has the potential to reverberate throughout the entire game!

Prey is set to launch worldwide on Friday, May 5 on Xbox One and PC.

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