New Outlook Calendar improvements on Android and iOS

New Outlook Calendar improvements on Android and iOS.

  • Outlook Shared calendars on the phone. Allowing you to view shared calendars, accept invitations for shared calendars, and share one of your calendars. The app will also you set some events as “private” on your calendar in the future, which will automatically hide the private events when you share a calendar with a friend or colleague.
  • Support for Meetup, which is apparently a “new Calendar app in Outlook” according to Microsoft. The app is basically like Facebook Events but integrated into Outlook Calendar — which means it’ll show up on your calendar, and you can set it to remind you about the event later.
  • The app now lets you create events with daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly recurrences.
  • Outlook will also be able to automatically check your coworkers’ availability when you are trying to schedule a meeting with them, essentially removing the need for you to manually ask your coworkers about their availability.

Features have already started rolling out today.

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