New sample model for Azure Analysis Services

New sample model for Azure Analysis Services.

Create an Analysis Services server in Azure

1. Go to

2. In the Menu blade, click New.

3. Expand Data + Analytics, and then click Analysis Services.

4. In the Analysis Services blade, enter the following and then click Create:

  • Server name: Type a unique name.
  • Subscription: Select your subscription.
  • Resource group: Select Create new, and then type a name for your new resource group.
  • Location: This is the Azure datacenter location that hosts the server. Choose a location nearest you.
  • Pricing tier: For our simple model, select D1. This is the smallest tier and great for getting started. The larger tiers are differentiated by how much cache and query processing units they have. Cache indicates how much data can be loaded into the cache after it has been compressed. Query processing units, or QPUs, are a sign of how many queries can be supported concurrently. Higher QPUs may mean better performance and allow for a higher concurrency of users.

Now that you’ve created a server, you can add the sample to it.

Adding the sample model to your server

1. On the overview blade of your server, click + New Model on the top left.

2. Under choose data source select Sample data and click add.

It will take a few moments for the model to be created. When it is finished you will see in in the list of models on your server:

The model can now be queried in Microsoft Excel, Power BI Desktop, or edited in Visual Studio by clicking on the three dots next to the model name and selecting the tool that you wish to use.

Then you can start visualizing the data.

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