New Update for Windows 10 Maps app in Insider Slow Ring

New Update for Windows 10 Maps app in Insider Slow Ring.  Microsoft push an update for the stock Maps app on Windows 10 for Windows Insiders in the Slow Ring. main feature of update is the ability to add multiple stops when getting directions.

As noted by Windows Insider team member Jen Gentleman, this latest update pushes the Slow Ring Maps app version to 5.1703.707.0. To use the multiple stops feature, all you need to do is to hit the “+” button to add stops, or right-click on the map and select “add destination” to add it to your trip. After you do so, you can see your full road trip in one map, and you can click in to see individual segments, or print out all your directions at once. Additionally, you even can select “go” on your Windows 10 Mobile device to get voice directions for each of the stops in order.

This feature was long requested by users of the Maps app, Microsoft is taking the feedback of Windows Insiders seriously. If you’re on the Slow Ring, head to the Windows Store now to update or download that app!

Windows Maps
Windows Maps
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
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