No Man’s Sky’s Abyss update is now available on Xbox One

No Man’s Sky’s Abyss update is now available on Xbox One.

The official update description:

Terrifying creatures now populate the deepest ocean floors, which have become much more lucrative and diverse. Large predator fish, poisonous jellyfish, and strange hypnotic alien lifeforms protect the riches of the deep.

We couldn’t have an aquatic update without adding sunken ruins and submerged wrecks for players to dive and search for treasure. You can scavenge lost cargo or even repair crashed starships.

Controls for diving have been greatly improved, a new diving helmet has been added, and your jetpack now has an underwater dive mode. New suit technology also allows players to dive further and faster, along with a set of underwater emotes to help communicate with other players.

If you really wish to thoroughly explore the deepest oceans though, you will want the new submarine exocraft, The Nautilon. This revolutionizes underwater exploration and can be customized and upgraded with installable technology.

For those who want to make their home under the waves, over a dozen new base building parts have been added, including viewing domes, underwater corridors, an aquarium, and a deployable marine shelter.

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