Download Notepad++ 7.4 x64 MSI

Download Notepad++ 7.4 x64 MSI for your Configuration Manager deployment.

Notepad++ v7.4 new features and bug-fixes:

  1. Add document peek feature (while mouse hovering on tab).
  2. Add peek on document map feature.
  3. Fix issue with clicking links in html/js/asp/php.
  4. Fix folding vertical line loses colour after changing folding style via Preference dialog.
  5. Enhance folding feature (multi-line quotes) for python.
  6. Improve certificate verifying method.
  7. Fix issue of losing syntax highlighting while changing file extension (by “save as”).
  8. Enhance the UI of “Windows” dialog (Menu “Window->Windows…”) for sorting.
  9. Apply the new file custom encoding (Unicode or not) while opening an empty content file.
  10. Improve whitespace visibility while the visualization of whitespace is activated.
  11. Support RTL for header and footer printing.
  12. Add a warning message for launching folder as Workspace while both files and folders are dropped in Notepad++.
  13. Drag and dropping tabs is possible in multi-line tab mode.
  14. Fix issue of right clicking on multiline tabs.
  15. Add new moving tabs with mouse wheel feature (SHIFT + Mouse Wheel)
  16. Fix text on active tabs (multi-line mode) being clipped problem.
  17. Fix regression for saving session file (for session file extension, if set).
  18. Enhance saving workspace file by adding workspace file extension (if set).
  19. Fix change.log always opened issue.


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