OneDrive and other Office Mobile Apps updated on mobile devices

OneDrive and other Office Mobile Apps updated on mobile devices.


Refreshed design for OneDrive app on iOS

Well-crafted experiences are at the heart and soul of Microsoft OneDrive. With a focus on familiarity and ease-of-use, we’re bringing common experiences that align with the suite of Office apps along with subtle improvements to make finding and navigating files easier than ever.
Our bold new header adds a splash of color, more native feel, and alignment with Outlook on iOS. Microsoft Search is now integrated front and center, allowing users to find files faster.

The files list has also seen unique, updates. The font sizes and colors have been updated to bring increased legibility and contrast to long lists of files – making it easier than ever for users to get back to their files.

Lastly, our command sheet, accessible from the “…” icon, has seen a refresh, bringing in a softer look and a draggable surface.

Recent View now includes PDFs and scans

Quickly find the files that matter the most to you. OneDrive for Microsoft 365 makes it simple to get to your recent files easily across web, mobile, and Office.

We have improved the “Recent files” experience on the iOS and Android apps, making it consistent to the experience you see on OneDrive for the Web and Office endpoints. Uploaded scans and recently viewed PDFs are now automatically surfaced at the top of the “Recent” list.

New file picking experience in Outlook for iOS

With this update, we have rolled out a new and improved file picking experience to Outlook on iOS that lets you quickly and easily share files as links from across Microsoft 365. This OneDrive-powered file picker in Outlook enables you to share the files right from the email compose screen.

Now, when you share a file, you will be able to navigate and browse through a consistent and familiar “Recent” list of files, files and folders in your OneDrive, email attachments, as well as frequently accessed and followed shared libraries.

These files can now be shared quickly and securely with sharing links that comply with your organization’s sharing permissions.

Updated experience for PDF annotation

Accomplishing tasks on your phone is easy and fast with OneDrive including annotating a PDF file to highlight items or add notes. The updated PDF editing experience for OneDrive on iOS is designed around quick actions that lead to a truly mobile first markup experience.

Pens, highlighters, and the eraser can now be found at the bottom of the screen, making markup more intuitive and touch friendly.

Notes are now more lightweight and reactive, making them easier to create and view. We’ve also made it simpler to customize and select note color by bringing the color picker into the note surface.

We’ve also made visual improvements to the signature feature by increasing the signing surface area, smoothing out the pen handwriting, and made it more intuitive to store signatures for future use.

These changes, too, will be coming soon for OneDrive on Android.

Revamped settings experience

We have improved the usability of our settings page for OneDrive on iOS so that the configurations are now more discoverable, simple, and accessible. Notification settings are now grouped by account in a single “Notifications page” so customizing according to specific preferences is more straightforward. 

The settings for “Camera Upload” has been updated as well, to give users more control over aspects of the feature like choosing whether videos are uploaded and how photos are organized. And lastly, we’ve added a friendly question mark icon next to certain settings to provide additional context about that feature.

Microsoft Whiteboard

New update for Whiteboard app in Apple App Store (19.10701.0.3) comes with three new improvements.

  • Added support for toolbar docking allowing you to change your toolbar location to left, right, or bottom using the settings menu.
  • Tool Tips are here to help you. Just press and hold on buttons in the toolbar or context menus to see a description of their functionality.
  • The updated accessibility checker will make it much easier to ensure that your content is understandable for everyone.

OneNote Beta

The recent Microsoft’s app that is getting the support for Dark mode is OneNote Beta for Android. The company has recently pushed a new server-side update, which brings Dark Mode, to OneNote Beta for Android.

Note, the server-side update isn’t rolling out to everyone, meaning that Microsoft is currently testing the Dark Mode with select beta testers.

Source Microsoft OneDrive Blog
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