OneNote Windows 10 app gets new features for public users and Insiders

OneNote Windows 10 app gets new features for public users and Insiders.

New in the version 16.0.10325.20049:

  • You can now pin a “New Page” tile to the Windows 10 Start menu
  • There’s a new transparent Live Tile option in Settings, in case you don’t like the classic OneNote purple color.
  • A new Online Video button has been added to the Ribbon’s Insert tab, which should make it easier to embed videos.
  • The new Paste options in Settings let you choose your default paste option (keep source formatting, merge the formatting or keeping just the text).

If you’re a Windows Insider or Office Insider:

  • Some Insiders may see a simplified version of the OneNote ribbon that Microsoft recently announced
  • You’ll now be able to choose whether or not to include the source link when you paste something from a web page.
  • You’ll also find new cut, copy, and paste shortcuts on the ribbon, as well as a new symbol gallery that includes the top 25 symbols
  • Clear formatting has been updated to clear any custom paragraph spacing which may have been copied over from another source
  • New table options let you hide the borders of a table, quickly select a range of cells, and choose whether or not to include the header row when sorting tables
  • The stroke eraser now has two new eraser sizes when you need finer controls
  • You can now translate text or an entire page with Microsoft Translator, which is accessible from the the View tab.
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