New design heads to OneNote Windows 10 app

New design heads to OneNote Windows 10 app. The company is improving the OneDrive design to improve accessibility and offer a consistent experience across all of your devices, ranging from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC.

OneNote redesign makes it much easier to navigate around the app using your keyboard. This should really help users who use OneNote with a screen reader, and Microsoft focusing on accessibility is definitely very nice to see. Office’s Tell Me assistant is now incorporated into the app, you can now show page previews in the navigation bar, list all of the changes made to your shared notebooks, change the color of your notebook, or nickname it to be able to easily recognize a certain notebook.

All these new features are enabled by default, but Microsoft is still considering the new OneNote app an “experimental” feature which means you’ll have to manually enable it from the app’s settings (Settings\Options\OneNote Preview).
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